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Who is Fountain Car Leasing & Sales?
At Fountain car leasing & Sales, you get the same dealership service without the dealership tactics.  Our proven system and established relationships with multiple dealerships NATIONWIDE, Fountain Car leasing & Sales has the ability to find you the car of your dreams for the best possible price.  We only employ professional, respectful and knowledgeable individuals that have proven themselves in the car leasing and sales industry.   


Our main goal is to make good, long lasting relationships with our clients, and since our overhead is significantly lower than the dealerships, we relay those savings over to you.

Why should I use Fountain Car Leasing & Sales?

It comes down to price and service.  Since we are independently owned, Fountain Car Leasing & Sales makes every effort to have the lowest prices on all makes and models of cars and trucks.  From Ford to Ferrari and everything in between, let Fountain Car leasing & Sales chauffeur you through your car leasing experience. 

Fountain Car Leasing & Sales Services:
      1. Lease or purchase new vehicle.
      2. Trade in and early termination.
      3. Commercial leasing.
      4. Vehicle transportation nationwide.
      5. Free delivery to home or office on all Fountain purchased or leased cars.

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