BMW Dazzles With New Models, Takes Aim At Mid Market, Takes On The Competition:

bmw2  bwm4
There have been several pieces of big news out Germany for BMW recently. First, they introduced the 2 Series, which enters the market leading with an entry level coupe costing $33,025. This will replace the 1 Series coupe, and will put enormous pressure on premium models from Toyota, Honda, Kia, and Hyundai. Competing with German engineering and market perception will be a difficult task. The mid 30,000 performance car market, already competitive, is going to get very interesting.

If that was not enough, the 4 Series will bring a host of new models, replacing the 3 Series. A slew of options, engine types, and performance packages will be available. The 4 Series GranCoupe was introduced just a few days ago, with an anticipated sticker price of $42,000 for the base model.  Early test reports from the world of auto journalism are wildly positive.  While similar to the upscale 6 Series, the GranCoupe is designed with a bit more practicality in mind. Essentially they are providing two door looks with four door functionality.

BMW is certainly taking aim at Audi and a several other competitors with their new strategy and model line up.  The company began showing prototypes and concept cars a year ago at the larger auto shows, and now their designs have come to fruition. The game plan seems to be to push the envelope on pricing, luxury, performance, amenities, and model selection. We will report further as new models appear.