Are You Still Waiting For Hybrids To Go Down In Price?

Toyota Prius October was another great month for hybrid vehicles.  More and more people are choosing to go green, perhaps people realize that cleaner roads mean healthier lives. Auto makers across the board are overwhelming consumers with innovations and latest options, accelerating green driving to absolute maximum. One of the reasons for hybrid boom is that many professionals on the go realize their clients appreciation for being green
      One of the highlights for the past month was the Toyota Prius that proved to be the most reliable hybrid.   We here at Fountain realize that many customers taking advantage of the pricing on hybrids compared to regular gas vehicles.  The time has come when hybrids are affordable, work friendly and fun to drive, adding to the whole picture $36 every 400 miles makes it a no brainer.
So if you want to make your frequent trips to gas station a thing of the past- make the change, go GREEN, ( YOU CAN PUT THAT ON YOUR RESUME)