Would You Use A Self Driving Car?

driverless According to a survey done buy CarInsurance.com, 90% of people would be willing to switch to a self driving car if it meant an 80% discount on insurance. However, the results seem to show that savings on insurance are the primary driving force of this decision, as only 20% of those responding said they would make the switch without a discount on their insurance.  According to a 2008 survey by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 90% of car accidents are caused by human error.  Would autonomous vehicles decrease the number of accidents on the road?  Results seem promising, however even a small error in programming would spell major disaster.  Most (54%) responders said that they would be more willing to trust an automaker to design a self driving car as opposed to a software company.  I would personally count myself amongst the 10% that is not willing to make the switch, not just because of safety, but because I like to drive, although it would be nice to have a car that can switch to the mode during long distance drives.