Purchase Or Lease A New Vehicle

It does not matter what make or model you are looking for; our skilled auto brokers can get it for you! We have working relationships with local dealerships across all brands and will negotiate directly with them on your behalf in order to secure you the lowest price, just call us! 
We also have a working relationship with many lenders and can offer competitive financing options.
We handle the car dealership and the bank; all you have to do is relax.
To get started, call us now at 858.877.6262 or go to our application page.

Trade-in & Early Lease Termination

Tired of multiple trips to the mechanic? Ready for a new set of wheels? Do you just want something new and exciting?  Envying that top view camera?   Fountain Car Leasing & Sales accepts trade-ins and can assist you in early lease termination.
Don't let these processes slow you down from your next vehicle purchase or lease. We will take care of it for you!

Commercial Leasing

Fleet of Vans Looking to upgrade your fleet of business vehicles? Is business expanding and you just need to increase your fleet by a few vehicles?  Leasing can offer several financial advantages over buying, especially when it comes to businesses.  Our qualified auto brokers will work closely with your business to match its needs and figure out whether it would be more advantageous to lease or buy. As usual, no pressure and no gimmicks.


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