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Albert was outstanding helping me get my new SUV. He made everything so easy. He got exactly what I wanted.  I did not have to waste my time going to Dealers.  He got my lease at at the price I wanted in two days.  I highly recommend Albert to get your new car.
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Bob H - San Diego - 08/08/2018
Albert was great in helping me find a car while I was living out of the area! He had it ready for me the day I got in to town, and it was exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend using Fountain Car Leasing to anyone looking to lease a new car, so much easier and more pleasant than working with a dealership.
Lindsey M - San Diego - 05/13/2018

Albert and his team at Fountain were nothinig but amazing with helping me with what I needed. I gave him the specs of what I was looking for, and he made it happen without any back and forth sales techniques as you get at the dealership. He asked me what I was looking for, and made it happen. I strongly recommend Fountain Car Leasing to anyone who is looking for an easy process, with no push, and a great and genuine person to work with.
Kaiana T - San Diego - 03/21/2018

after walking into many dealerships and dealing with the sales people there I was fed up with it all. I knew which  car I wanted and how much I can afford. 

I was referred to Yossi & Alex of Fountain Car Leasing & Sales by a friend of mine who is an insurance agent. They got me the car I wanted at a better price than  I thought was even possible. They delivered the car to my house so I didn't need to go into a dealership again either. 

Thank you!
Pasy W - San Diego - 12/11/2017
Getting a car from Fountain Car Leasing & Sales was such a pleasure! My old lease was expiring  and I was not looking forward to going through the whole process of having to deal with car salesman etc. However, working with Yossi was a breeze. He made me feel comfortable and didn't pressure me at all. He told me all the details of the different options for me and worked hard to make sure I got the best deal. Turns out he was able to get me a nicer car than my previous car and at a better price! I love my new Acura!
Chana V - San Diego - 09/18/2017
I just leased my 3rd car and I never thought that it can be such a pleasant experience. I heard about these guys from a friend down in San Diego and figured I would give them a try. Both times that I leased a car directly from a dealer I had a very harsh experience. Not only did they not honor the deal I was promised but they also made me wait hours in a waiting room while the finance Dept.  "approved" the deal. 

When I called Fountain Car Leasing I was warmly welcomed by Yossi, he was simply amazing. He asked me what I wanted, and I explained to him my past experiences with other dealerships and this is what he responded, "Sam, I will get you the car you want, and you will never have to walk into a dealership" I am now driving my brand new 2013 Infiniti G37 and like Yossi promised I never had to walk into a dealership and haggle and wait for "approval." My car was delivered to my door with the deal I was promised. 

If you want a car from an honest and reliable company, and you are sick and tired of dealing with car salesman, then call Fountain Car Leasing & Sales

Thank you Yossi, Albert and your whole team! You guys were nothing less then amazing. I cannot thank you enough.
Sam L - Los Angeles - 08/12/2016
What an amazing and pleasant experience it was to deal with Fountain Car leasing & Sales.
I spoke with Yossi and gave him my budget, he found me the perfect car and I was in and out of the dealership in under 10 Min!!! they took care of everything before I got there.
The best part is that I live in San Luis Obispo and they found me the car in my neighborhood.
Chaim H - San Luis Obispo - 04/25/2016
Thank you Fountain Car Leasing & Sales!! They worked with me and my budget and were able to get me a FANTASTIC deal. I called other leasing companies and they weren't able to come close to what Fountain was able to. Thank you guys!
Dave - San Diego - 08/29/2014
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